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Competitive Award-Winning Yamaha National Electone Festival Winner - ORGANIST


At the young age of six, after just six months of playing, I was entered in the Regional Youth I Division of the Yamaha National Electone Festival through my music teacher Jeanne Eddins and Winther Music.To prepare, each contestant had to meet set criteria of music selection, length, tempo, among other metrics. On the day of competition, each individual had sixty seconds to set up their organ sounds. This would include tempo and upper and lower keyboard.On the morning of the regional competition, we arrived early. Getting out of the car and prior to the event, as we arrived to the Red Lion Riverside in Boise for competition, I recall asking my mom and dad, “If I were to win, what would I get for it?” My parents asked, “What would you like?” I answered, “A hamster.”

Competitive Award-Winning DANCER




I continued to competitively work on art form at local and state and national levels in dance and drill teams, national competitions, and Team USA (United Spirit Association) competitive dance events. Much like a foundational build, I knew the benefits of working hard enabled new opportunities to dance at new levels, something I immensely enjoyed. Through ongoing dance aspirations, I continued to expand into new heights of dance and found simplicity over time of new skills, flexibility, and positioning. Into my senior year, I reached the peak of my dance abilities, creating splits in multiple positions, both standing up and on the floor. My senior pictures reflect my artistry, skills, abilities, and achievements. 
















In modeling, we would work on posture, stance, walk, poses, turns, pivots, straddle, and walk reversal. We worked on makeup contour, shadowing, facial contouring, and application. We also worked on freestyle and New York runways, diet and nutrition, skin care, and facial. We were trained on fashion shows, photography and camera techniques, outfit preparation, portfolios, print, and commercials. Training consisted of visual poise, walk, posture, social graces, modeling, makeup, hairstyling, and wardrobe. 


I dove in headfirst into my passions and my fitness goals. I continued to have national ambitions and submitted an application for the Miss Idaho USA Pageant. My platform was “to educate the public on the importance of proper nutrition and physical fitness, to the best of my ability, to minimize the cost of health care and ensure a longer, healthier lifestyle.” I believed my voice would make a difference in people’s lifestyles. As a contestant, as with any platform, local or national, one must always do their best to represent themselves, their state, and national platforms and for women as a positive role model in a mature, responsible fashion. Even then, I described myself as a health-conscious, positive, motivated individual.