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Cms Licensure Validation - Standard Processing For Government Reporting Purposes Acmss Cmss Cures

CMS Licensure Validation - Standard Processing for Government Reporting Purposes

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CMS Licensure Validation - Standard Processing for Government Reporting Purposes

CMSS Licensure Validation provides the individual or entity with written e-verification and confirmation through documentation, either through a formal letter or from the applicant to submit the written request and verification to ACMSS to review, verify, and complete for the applicant. 

This is written or e-verification and validation for clinicians, physician offices, all licensed clinicians, hospitals, emergency departments, medical school application submissions, and others who need deemed verification.

Entities may verify current and/or prior licenses. ACMSS will validate all requests.

Upon paid order receipt, applicant will need to remit written requests to:

American College of Medical Scribe Specialists
c/o Kristin Hagen, CMSS
PO Box 4003
Orange, CA 92863

Cost $100. Allow 2-3 weeks for processing.