Kristin Hagen, an original artist; a national winning organist; a talented local, state, and national Team USA competitive dancer; and a previous contestant of Miss Idaho USA, found herself at the young age of nineteen an original survivor of a serious automobile accident. It was not the accident itself, rather her injuries were caused by the force behind a violent deployment of an 'original' 1st-generation high-powered airbag (1994). A few years later, during her recovery, she was confronted by yet another airbag. This time it was the re-designed 2nd generation airbag (1997). (continued) ...and today it brings America's breakthrough to 21st-century CURES!

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Align Above: My Passionate Dance at Life!

Even Gutenberg, despite his use of moveable type, had his own scribe apprentice, something we still have today in the health care industry. The advent of the printing press in Europe changed the dynamics of how scribes were used back then, and now today they have become some of the most proficient and valuable implementers of our evolving health care information technology. Certified Medical Scribe Specialists are the key to 21st century preventive care and a wellness-based health care system. Together, we work to improve countless lives of millions of people through disease reversal; disease prevention; enabling wellness models of evidence-based integrative and functional medicine; and advancing medical specialities through research, academics, and sustainable outcomes, now and into the future.

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An Ezra Scribe

Scribes historically date back to biblical days when scribes would serve the high priests. I remembered that Ezra was the only writer in and of the Bible whom the scriptures referred to plainly as “a scribe of the instructions of God in heaven” and who “prepared and set his heart to seek the law of the Lord—to teach it and to walk in its statutes” (Ezra 7:10, 12). Gifted, prophetic scribes, such as Ezra, were anointed to divinely carry out God’s will for His people. I often feel the humble anointing of Ezra, a gifted prophetic scribe, anointed to do the will of God.

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