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Kristin Hagen, an original artist, a national winning organist, a talented local, state, and national Team USA competitive dancer, and a previous contestant of Miss Idaho USA, found herself at the young age of nineteen an original survivor of a serious automobile accident. It was not the accident itself, rather her injuries were caused by the force behind a violent deployment of an 'original' 1st-generation high-powered airbag (1994). A few years later, during her recovery, she was confronted by yet another airbag. This time it was the re-designed 2nd generation airbag (1997). The powerful story of Kristin overcoming her airbag injuries, will inspire you and lead you on a journey to reach your peak of wellness. Align Above: My Passionate Dance At Life! will not only reveal how Kristin found her cure, but will help integrate a personalized wellness plan into your own life. It's time to make a change. Order the first book in Kristin's series and look out for the three books to follow. Stay safe. Get cured. Keep yourself healthy.


Kristin Hagen is both a two-time airbag injury survivor who did not achieve true recovery until utilizing evidence-based integrative medicine found in structured wellness plans. After discovering evidence-based integrative medicine that focuses on all components of a person's, or patient’s health, including the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects; Kristin was finally able to achieve meaningful results and feel like her true self again. Upon discovering this type of medicine, Kristin decided to make it her life’s mission to grow the field and raise awareness of its benefits. Both a wellness and nutrition coach, she is a proponent of being cured, getting well, staying well and making healthy life choices. Kristin is also the author of Align Above: My Passionate Dance at Life!, a memoir published in 2018, focused on implementing the cures, and staying well, found through implementing evidence-based integrative medicine.

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